sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Paul em nova entrevista

Entrevista do Paul com a cantora Zoe com quem ele gravou um novo álbum:

Posted by Jakob S on October 1st, 2016 via @officialaha Zoe and Paul interviewed by NRK in Paul’s Brooklyn studio “Beautiful Burnout”, the first single from the upcoming Waaktaar & Zoe album World of Trouble was released yesterday, 30 September. The song can be purchased/streamed on iTunes, Spotify and other services through this link, and the music video can be seen on YouTube. “Beautiful Burnout” gets a 5/6 review in the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad (print edition); “Great vocals by Zoe and just the right amount of Beatles-references from Waaktaar. This makes me want to hear more”, the review says. “After, I think, the first session, I got the shivers from the very first thing she sang. I thought ‘I don’t really want to have other people singing. I wish we could do something with this'”, Paul said in aninterview with Lørdagsrevyen on NRK1 tonight. There is also a short video clip from an interview with Audun Vinger on the Waaktaar & Zoe Facebook page. Although the World of Trouble album isn’t out until 24 February next year, the tracklist and 15 minutes of song samples have already been posted on iTunes. From Lørdagsrevyen, 1 October The 10-track album will include the songs “They to Me and I to Them” – originally an early a-ha demo from 1983/84, “Open Face” – a song from the Cast In Steel recording sessions, and “Winter Wants Me Empty” – a new and more electronic version of the Savoy song “Unsound” from Lackluster Me. Full tracklist: 1. Beautiful Burnout 2. Tearful Girl 3. World of Trouble 4. Laundromat 5. Mammoth 6. They to Me and I to Them 7. Winter Wants Me Empty 8. Ancient Arches 9. Open Face 10. The Sequoia Has Fallen

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